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Watch Us Do Maths

Comparing amounts takes careful counting, checking, adding and taking away. We explored more, less and equal amounts! 

Comparing Amounts.MOV

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We have enjoyed different types of measurements as we explored length, height and capacity! The Big Bad Wolf left us some measuring challenges, we served drinks in our juice bar and made rain catchers! 

Height Tower Challenge.MOV

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Capacity Juice Bar.MOV

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We have been busy exploring numbers and careful counting around our cauldron. We followed a recipe to make our own pumpkin soup with different amounts of ingredients, some 1, some 2 and some 3! We have made a display and found ways to represent 1, 2 and 3. Outside we played skittles and counted how many more or less each friend knocked down. 

Number Soup.MOV

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We have been representing numbers to 5 in lots of different ways. We have learnt about shapes and the number of sides and corners they have. We explored which shapes fit inside other shapes and what shapes we can make when we combine more than one. We had some missing crayons and followed directions and positional language to find them. We have explored the composition of numbers to 5 and in our shoe shop we used coins to pay up to 5p. 

Making 5!.mov

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To help us understand number composition we made fruit kebabs, explored the whole part part method and experimented with 10 frames.

Fruit Kebabs.mp4

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Snack Time Ten Frames.MOV

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Part Part Whole.MOV

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We were showing an interest in measuring, so we learnt about how measuring tapes tell us the length, width or height of objects. We explored weight too! We used our tapes to measure different objects before drawing them and labelling the measurements.

Missing socks meant we had to go on a sock hunt and match all the pairs. We had one left over...the odd sock! Did you know some numbers are even and some are odd? We have also been finding out number double facts using mirrors and reflections. We explored time in different ways such as sequencing our day, using sand timers, playing with stop watches and learning how to recognise 'o' clock on a clock face. 

Mirror Doubles.MOV

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Whats The Time Mr Wolf.MOV

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We have been busy exploring 3D shapes and their properties. We tested each shape for different jobs, grading them on how well they rolled and stacked. We explored vocabulary such as faces, edges and vertices, plus the shape names. 

Exploring 3D Shape.mp4

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We are learning our number bonds to 10! We have been practising with 10 frames, matching games and our favourite game - Save the whale! 

Number Bonds to 10.MOV

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