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Language is the key to all other learning achievements. Children who talk, talk and talk some more often show greater understanding of vocabulary which flows into their social and literacy skills. As a Parent/Carer the nest thing you can do for your child is talk to them. Ask questions, hold conversations, discuss new words and listen as they respond. Here are some ideas to promote language skills at home. 

Get them talking


Have a go at Mystery Box to get your child talking!

Talking Provocations 

Provocations are jumping off points for children to investigate. It is giving your child the freedom to arrive at his or her own conclusions, rather than being told what something may be. Take comfort that there is no wrong outcome to a provocation. Provocations are powerful tools for language, thinking and learning!


You can create provocations at home:


1. Take notes and observe what interests are driving your child’s play and explorationwhat have they been wondering about and what do they already know?

2. Decide on a Specific provocation: put out materials that will deepen their wonderings and exploration about a certain topic, material, question, or investigation. Think about accessibility of materials, defined work space, and potential objectives!

3. Create a Provoking Question: This can be printed out and set on the table, or wherever the provocation is set up. This question will help anchor the children’s thoughts and ideas to the provocation.


Some ideas from Reception:

Spaceship Crash

Mystery Box/Object

Footprints on the floor

An interesting letter

Cardboard boxes - the opportunities are endless



Talking Points


The below activities are designed to develop talk. Have a go at home. As always songs, rhymes and stories also promote language skills so sing and read with your child as much as possible.