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Flash Ley Community Primary School

Believe to Achieve



Your Maths Coordinators are Mrs How and Mr Atkinson

Maths is taught from Nursery to Year 6.


Maths is broken down in various topics such as:

  • Number,
  • Shape, Space and Measure,
  • Statistics,


In the Early Years, Maths is taught in a variety of situations practically to enhance understanding in the different topics.

In Reception to Year 6 we follow overviews from the White Rose Hub. This gives teachers the units to be taught and the main objectives to be covered. 



Under the new curriculum all children by the end of Year 4 should know all their times tables. We have introduced a tracking system to follow the knowledge of times tables from Year 1 to Year 4.


Early Years assessments are carried out throughout the year by observations and written evidence to support your child's Early Learning Profile.


Formal assessments are given to Year 2 and Year 6 and the results of these are recorded nationally and compared with other schools.


Reception to Year 5 will also carry out the termly White Rose Hub Assessments and this can be tracked throughout school using the school tracking system OTrack. We also use end of block assessments so that teachers can identify any gaps and plan for appropriately. 


While tests can be used to give a snapshot of what a child knows, your child will be assessed throughout the year and this will inform an overall assessment of your child.

Maths Meetings


At Flash Ley we have Maths Mettings twice a week. These are used to consolidate key areas of mathematics in each class. Maths Meetings provide an opportunity to teach and revise 'general knowledge maths' which may not explicitly be covered during the maths lesson, and also allows the daily integration of maths into the surrounding environment. This means that pupils are practising concepts and skills on a regular basis, meaning they are continually building on their mastery of these concepts.

Pre Teach

To ensure lessons are pitched at the correct level and prior knowledge is built upon, teachers in Years 2-6 plan a pre-teach lesson to assess their children's understanding of the previous years objective which links to the one they are about to teach. It is a chance for the children to re-practise the skills they have been taught and prepare them for the following weeks learning. 

Morning Maths

Every morning children from Reception to Year 6 complete a morning maths activity on arrival to school. This is differentiated and meets children's individual needs. It ensure basic calculation skills are revisited and practised to ensure knowledge is retained into their long term memory.

Long Term Plan