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1 minute Maths

Introduction of 1- minute Maths


To support your child and help them build greater number confidence and fluency, a free app is available to download via the White Rose Maths Hub website. It is an excellent resource that we would encourage you to download and use with your child. Click the link below and follow the instructions.

The app is aimed at KS1. Even a minute a day could make a big difference. 


1-minute maths | Maths App | White Rose Maths

Who’s it for?


This first version of the app is aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils, and focuses on adding and subtracting – and on ‘Subitising’. We've also just added multiplication and division topics! The free mobile app is available for Apple/iOS, Android and Kindle. 


How does it work?


1-minute maths offers children engaging and easily accessible practice in basic number. There’s no specific route or starting point. Having chosen a topic, each user answers a series of randomly generated questions (a different set of questions every time means they learn the concept, not a sequence of answers).

When the one minute’s up, the questions are automatically marked and presented on a breakdown screen, giving instant feedback on how they’ve done. If they’re struggling with a question, a ‘Hint’ button reformats the question as a familiar manipulative display that mirrors the approaches used in the White Rose Maths schemes of learning.



Check out these 7 top reasons for using 1-minute maths!


  1. Excellent practice – and no distractions.
  2. A clear, intuitive process that children pick up straight away.
  3. No login or internet access needed. Just download and play.
  4. Enjoyable and motivating… How many can they get correct in one minute?
  5. Helpful hints match those used in class.
  6. Brilliant for building number fluency and confidence.
  7. The mobile app is completely FREE!