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School Logo

Flash Ley Community Primary School

Believe to Achieve


Flash Ley Governors


Our dedicated Governing Board welcome you to our website.


We are an elected group of people from all walks of life who work in close partnership with the Head Teacher and Staff.  We provide support, experience and constructive advice in order to establish an educational framework which enables all our children to access the creative curriculum outlined in the school’s development plan.


To achieve this, we commit to attend regular meetings, including committee meetings which oversee policy, personnel, curriculum and financial arrangements. In addition each Governor has links with different areas of school life. Formal aspects include fulfilling legal requirements and in addition, observing classroom activity, carrying out book scans, performance management and attending data and assessment feedback meetings. More informal tasks include going on school visits, working alongside to support staff, judging competition entries, stewarding Parents’ and Open Evenings and attending Presentation Evening and end of term Assemblies.


We look forward to meeting you on these social occasions.


At Flash Ley we “Believe to Achieve” and together with the Head Teacher and Staff, the Governors strive to provide the best possible opportunities for the children at this school.


We would welcome any comments and ideas for new initiatives from you too, so if you see us in the playground please feel free to have a chat to us.  We can also be contacted through the school office.


Mrs. Sarah Wilson (Chair of Governors)

Mrs Sarah Wilson

Responsibilities of Governors



Accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community.


Develop the long-term strategic direction of the school. Actively involved in the School Development Plan, visions and aims and budget.

Critical Friendship

Challenges, monitors and evaluates progress against set targets.


Governors link communities and school 


Governors are the link between the school and the community and representatives of all those with an interest in the well-being and reputation of the school are needed.


We are all volunteers working in our own time, and we are all busy people.  However we feel that we gain much in personal development as well as a feeling of satisfaction that we have played an important part in improving education in the local community.  There are opportunities to work with others on all aspects of strategic planning and management including financial oversight and personnel issues.  Although we deal with the total school finances, we employ staff to do the actual work on our behalf, just as we take an interest in the teaching but employ teachers to actually teach the pupils.


Team working


We work together as a team.  Sometimes the whole governing body is involved and sometimes we work in smaller committees or working groups.  This gives us the chance to develop specific interests of our own as well as for the benefit of the whole governing body.  Those of us who are not currently employed outside our homes, find that being a governor provides an opportunity to get together with other adults who we may never have met in other circumstances, work as team members in a worthwhile cause and develop skills and expertise that we weren’t certain we had before joining the governing body!




Different people


The governing body seeks individuals from as many different backgrounds as possible in order to fully reflect the community the school serves.  Everyone has something to offer.  Specific training (free) is available to develop an understanding of school finance and budgeting, strategic planning, and personnel issues and there are staff in both local education offices and headquarters who are there to support and advise individuals and the governing body in their responsibilities.


Representing parents


As a parent governor you would be a representative of the parents, but you would not be mandated to vote on their behalf.  It may be useful to get the general feelings from parents on various issues from time to time, but in seeking to fill the post of parent governor, the governing body are looking for someone who will help them see the school from the widest possible viewpoint.  Parents are vital to the work of the governing body.  As a parent governor you will be a governor in your own right with the same responsibilities as everyone else to work together as part of the governing body for the good of the school.


Making a difference


Governors can make a real difference to the performance of the school and have a real part to play in making the school successful.  If you are interested in joining us to help improve education for the children at our school please contact Chair of Governors (Sarah Wilson) via the school office.

Governors Code of Conduct

Meet the Governors

Co-opted Governors                                        L.A. Governor

Mrs Sarah Wilson (Chair of Governors)               Mrs Susan Westacott                                                   

Mr Robert Simpson

Mrs Gill Hughes

Mrs Judy Stammer (School Business Manager)

Mrs Helen Roberts


Parent Governors                                           Staff

Mr Damian Armstrong (Vice Chair)                    Mrs Kerri Fenton                  

Mrs Vicky Wootton

Miss Claire Skellern


Our Governors:

Mrs Vicky Wotton – Parent governor

Hi, my name is Vicky and I am a proud mum to Elizabeth and Annabelle, who both attend Flash Ley Primary School in years 3 and 6. I have been a Parent Governor at Flash Ley since 2013, sitting on the Policy & Personnel, Curriculum & Standards and more recently the Finance Committee. I currently work as a Part Time Science Technician at Stafford Grammar School, which allows me the flexibility to support the school in numerous ways, including being the Link Governor for Science.

Having graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree in Biological Sciences, I have formerly held posts within the Forensic Science Service, Liverpool Women’s Hospital and the University of Wolverhampton. From these roles I have gained experience in achieving/maintaining high standards, drawing upon my skills and knowledge to support our school in providing pupils with the necessary environment and encouragement to realise and achieve their full potential.

As a parent governor I endeavour to provide both support and challenge, especially in times of great change or difficulty. I feel that it is essential to represent parents/carers, and make myself available on the school playground should anyone wish to speak to me.

Mr Damian Armstrong – Parent governor

Hi I'm Damian, Parent Governors are elected by other parents, so joined the Governing Board approx 7 years ago. I'm a father of three children at Flash Ley - Cerys, Megan and Patrick. I work as a manager in the public sector. I've found some of the skills I have from work can be useful to being a Governor. Most importantly being a busy father and a volunteer is always a juggle and as a parent with the Flash Ley values in mind I want the best for all of our children and the community we live in. I'm more than happy to hear parent’s opinions. Currently I'm the Vice Chair of Governors and also Chair the Policy and Personnel committee. Governors work at a strategic level so I've found it's an opportunity to assist the school along with developing myself. I've enjoyed being a Governor knowing that a parents view is valued and respected and can input into the direction and decision the school makes.

Miss Claire Skellern – Parent governor

My name is Claire and I am one of the parent Governors at Flash Ley. I am a mum to 3 beautiful and sometimes extremely bossy children who attend school.
I decided when my eldest daughter started reception that I wanted to be part of a team which would help Flash Ley and the children. I attended my first meeting genuinely thinking it was for the PTA and not realising I had actually signed up to be a parent governor. I decided to continue the role and although definitely challenging at times it is extremely rewarding. When not attending the school meetings I work at an Insurance Brokers in Newcastle under Lyme, a job which I love and currently studying for a Diploma.

Mrs Susan Westacott – LA governor

I have spent my career in the public sector in the legal field advising on a wide range of public sector issues to include education, social services, planning, contractual disputes and other litigation. I was especially interested in education and social services and still continue this interest. I have worked closely with other public sector organisations to include a fire and rescue service and a pension fund to name a few. Early on in my career I obtained a teaching qualification and used this on a part time basis.

Mr Bob Simpson – Co-opted governor

Bob is a co opted governor having been appointed in the summer of 2015. He is a retired public sector accountant having worked in a number of different positions at both central and local government. Also has spells within the NHS and latterly was Deputy Chief Executive of Staffordshire Probation. Currently works with Staffordshire Commissioner and chairs the Audit Committees for both Staffordshire Police and Fire Services

Mrs Sarah Wilson- Co-opted governor

I joined the Flash Ley family at the end of 2000, working in the nursery and then SLC, becoming a governor before I ‘retired’ 6 years ago, I wished to continue being involved with the school so staying on the governing board was a great way of supporting school. I have just begun my second term of office as Chair of Governors and am thrilled with how school continues to rise from all the challenges it has faced. I am a mum of three wonderful grown up children and carer for various family members when not at school.

Our other board members are...

Mrs Jo Banks – Headteacher

Mrs Judy Stammer & Mrs Helen Roberts & Mrs Kerri Fenton




Type of Governor

Committees & Responsibilities

Link Areas

Term of office


Business or pecuniary interests

Sarah Wilson

Chair of Governors


All committees

Safeguarding & Prevent, LAC & SEND,

SEND & Safeguarding


Voyage & EYFS,  



Damian Armstrong

Vice Chair


Policy & Personnel (Chair)







Claire Skellern Parent

Voyage (Chair)

ICT & E- Safety


ICT & E-Safety




Vicky Wootton Parent

Buildings & Finance

Policy & Personnel






Susan Westacott


Building & Finance

Policy & Personnel






Judy Stammer



All committee’s

Governor Training




Helen Roberts


Buildings & Finance


Forrest Schools

Georgraphy & History



Gill Hughes


Buildings & Finance

Policy & Personnel


School Council




Robert Simpson Co-opted

Buildings & Finance (Chair)

Policy & Personnel

Health & Safety


Health & Safety


Health & Safety



Jo Banks



All committee’s




Kerri Fenton Staff

Policy & Personnel

Buildings & Finance





Instrument of Government




Attendance of meetings - all meetings are being carried out virtually at this time.

Finance & Buildings Committee                                                         20/21

  • Mrs Judy Stammer                                                                           1/1
  • Mr Robert Simpson (Chair)                                                                1/1
  • Mrs Sarah Wilson                                                                              1/1      
  • Mrs Jo Banks                                                                                    1/1      
  • Mrs Susan Westacott                                                                         1/1     
  • Mrs Vicky Wootton                                                                            1/1     
  • Mrs Helen Roberts                                                                             1/1      


Curriculum,  Standards & Strategy Committee                        20/21        

  • Miss Claire Skellern                                                                              
  • Mrs Vicky Wootton                                                                                    
  • Mr Damian Armstrong                                                                               
  • Mrs Judy Stammer                                                                                   
  • Mrs Kerri Fenton
  • Mr Robert Simpson                                                                                    
  • Mrs Sarah Wilson (Chair)                                                                             
  • Mrs Jo Banks                                                                                              
  • Mrs Gill Hughes                                                                                         
  • Mrs Susan Westacott                                                                                   
  • Mrs Helen Roberts                                                                                      

Policy & Personnel Committee                                                 20/21

  • Mrs Sarah Wilson                                                                                        
  • Mrs Vicky Wootton                                                                                       
  • Mr Damian Armstrong (Chair)                                                                       
  • Mrs Kerri Fenton
  • Mr Bob Simpson                                                                                           
  • Mrs Jo Banks                                                                                               
  • Mrs Judy Stammer                                                                                     
  • Mrs Gill Hughes                                                                                           


Voyage Committee                                                            20/21                    

  • Miss Claire Skellern (Chair)                                                                         
  • Mrs Sarah Wilson                                                              
  • Mrs Judy Stammer                                                                                       
  • Mr Simon Halfhead (Obs) 
  • Mrs Jo Banks                                                                                             
  • Mrs Becky Kenny (Voyage Manager,Obs)                                                        
  • Mrs Helen Roberts                                                                                        


Full Board Meeting


                                                1.11.19      28.5.20        30.6.20     29.9.20

Sarah Wilson                                     yes            yes               yes        yes

Damian Armstrong                           yes            yes               yes          no

Bob Simpson                                      yes           yes              yes          yes

Judy Stammer                                      yes            yes            yes          yes

Claire Skellern                                    yes            yes              yes         no

Vicky Wootton                                      yes           yes              yes       yes

Kerri Fenton                                        n/a           yes              yes         yes

Jo Banks                                              yes            yes              yes         yes

Susan Westacott                                  yes            yes             no          yes

Gill Hughes                                           yes           yes             yes        yes

Helen Roberts                                      yes            yes            yes          yes


Parent Governor (We do not have a vacancy at this time)

We are seeking a person who fits the following description


  • Currently has a child or children in our school
  • Has an open and enquiring mind
  • Shows a willingness to listen and make informed judgements
  • Is able to work well with others
  • Is interested in education generally and our school in particular
  • Has a desire to play a part in improving our school
  • Is willing to give about 20 hours per term to attend meetings and training


If you match the above description, you could be the very person to become a parent governor.  Everyone has something to offer and we want people from as many backgrounds and interests as possible.




In return we can offer:


  • An insight into the wider perspective of the school through long-term planning
  • A chance to develop skills in strategic management
  • The opportunity to work with our team of governors and staff in improving our school
  • Training to develop an understanding of specific school management issues
  • The support and assistance of local and county staff
  • A sense of achievement in making a difference to our school
  • The pleasure of seeing children learning



The governing body of our school is responsible for:


  • Ensuring that pupils receive high quality education and that the conduct of the school reflects this aim
  • Working with the headteacher on the strategic planning and management of the school
  • Considering and agreeing the aims and policies of the school
  • Discussing and approving the targets for improvement
  • Appointing the staff
  • Setting and monitoring the budget
  • Monitoring the performance of the school
  • Reporting to the parents and community on how we have accomplished our tasks