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Maths Week 21

Year 1

As part of our 2D and 3D Shape learning, we learnt all about their names and properties and then took part in various shape hunts and sorting activities inside and outside our environment. 


Year 2 Statistics

As part of our Statistics learning, we created a human pictogram to show our Favourite colour, Least Favourite colour and Favourite animal.

We went outside to create a tally chart for Teacher’s Car Colours and then we used J2E to create a pictogram of the data.

Year 3 learned about angles and turns this week. They enjoyed playing games that involved giving instructions to a partner using turns. They had to use the correct vocabulary such as quarter, half or full turn, clockwise and anticlockwise and use the points of a compass. They also made 'angle makers' and learned to compare angles that are bigger and smaller than a right angle, which they learned are called obtuse and acute angles. The children also went outside to find angles in the environment and also sorted them using venn diagrams. It has been a very practical and fun week!

Year 6 looked at reflections, translations with Beebots and played games working in the 4 quadrants.


Year 4 having been using trundle wheels and metre sticks to measure the distance between two points. They have recorded their findings and compared them to other groups to see if the measurements were the same.