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European Languages Day 2023

This year we kicked off European Languages Day with a whole school assembly celebrating the diversity of Flash Ley. We had over 10 different languages spoken this morning! 


Every year group/phase looked at a different European country looking at their culture and language. See what we got up to below.



Reception celebrated European Languages Day by looking at the country Spain. We watched a video about a boy called Marteen. He showed us how his day looks living in a Spanish family and we noticed lots of differences from our day in England. We learnt to count to 3 in Spanish, tasted churros, made Spanish flags and had a go at Flamenco dancing!

For European Languages Day Year 1 & 2 learnt all about Turkey.

We looked at where Turkey is on a map.

We looked at the Capital of Turkey which is Istanbul and identified some of the features of the country. Did you know it has a lots of mountains and lakes?

We identified the flag from Turkey and we then listened to some traditional Turkish music and learnt some of the moves.

We learnt about the famous ‘Blue Mosque’ that is visited by thousands of people every year. We also learnt that Turkey is a Muslim country.

We learnt about famous ‘Fairy Chimney’ landmark that the rocks formed after a volcanic eruption.

We learnt about the different animals in Turkey including the sea turtle which can be found in the seas around Turkey.

We also learnt about traditional food in Turkey ‘Meze’ and sweets Baklava and Turkish Delight. We tried this too!

Last of all we learnt how to say ’Hello’ in Turkish-‘Merhaba’


Year 3 are currently learning about WW2 for their topic, so we chose to learn a little more about Germany today. The children discovered that the capital city of Germany is Berlin and that it is famous for its sausages. We looked at our map and identified where Germany is in Europe and how far away it is from the UK. We also learned how to say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'.

Year 4

Year 4 we are doing the Vikings so we looked at Scandinavian countries. The children had a choice to create a poster on Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland. These were the countries that the Vikings originated from, but we researched facts about the countries and what they are like in the modern world. 

Year 5

Year 5 are currently learning about Ancient Greece so we looked at modern day Greece for European languages day. We learned about the significance of the 'evil eye' and then made our own to put up at home. We also learned how to say 'hello' in Greek!

Year 6 looked at the Czech Republic as we have Sahib who has lived there and can speak the language. He told us a little about what it was like and listened to him speak- it is very different to anything some of us have heard before! We researched more about the country and made posters.