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Voyage @ Flash Ley


Hello and welcome

We are delighted to have this opportunity to share information with you regarding our childcare provision Voyage @ Flash Ley.

Our extended childcare service ’Voyage,’ which commenced in September 2009, is for all pupils of Flash Ley Community Primary School and Nursery, pre-school children and also children in the local community. We are situated at the front of Flash Ley Community Primary School, in a suite of rooms which have been modelled and refurbished to provide a setting which reflects the vision and values of Flash Ley School. Our vision is to create an exciting childcare provision that improves the lives of children and families by providing a variety of flexible and high quality services that meet the needs of our community.


What Voyage can offer your child

Voyage offers an educational childcare provision where children can participate and enjoy planned activities which are age appropriate. These activities reflect the high standards of care and education throughout our school.


The following sessions allow parents and carers to extend their childcare provision encompassing the school day.

Breakfast Session

7.30-8.30 am

£4.50 includes breakfast

Morning Session

8.30-11.30 am

£7.50 includes snack

Lunch Session

11.30-12.30 pm

£4.50 with packed lunch

£1.80 extra for hot dinner

Afternoon Session

12.30-3.00 pm

£7.50 includes snack

After School


£4.50 includes snack

After School 15.15-17.30pm £7.50 includes snack



Full Day Care for a Primary Child: £31

Hourly Rate: £4.50 an hour or part thereof

There are also 24 full day or sessional places available for 2 year olds. We offer full day care for the competitive rate of £31.00 per day. A limited number of sessional places (2.5 hours) are available throughout the day at £7.50 per session.