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Flash Ley seeks to provide an exciting, broad and balanced enrichment curriculum to our children through clubs like Art, PE, SEAL, Literacy club, booster clubs and sport. 

Our external sport clubs provide sport and games opportunities which focus on developing good quality skills, an understanding of tactics and teamwork, enjoyment and knowing how to improve. 

Teaching staff run weekly clubs planned on children's interests but to also develop skills and other loves of learning that aren't necessarily part of the curriculum. We strive to give our children lots of exposure to different aspects of subjects like Art, PSED, Sport but also encourage children to attend clubs like Lego, Dance and Origami club to enhance skills they already have.

Green Goblin Experiences

Animal Man Experience for Early Years

Lazer Tag Experience

Year 6 had the most amazing and inspirational time at Young Voices. It was such a memorable experience for us all, and we got to sing with Tony Hadley and a Britain’s Got Talent finalist! #youngvoices2019