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Welcome to Nursery.


Your Class Teacher is Mrs Hughes. Your Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hamilton.


On this page you will find information about our year group.



This half term...

  • Our topic is All about me. We will be getting to know each other and encouraging the formation of positive relationships between children and adults in nursery. The children will be settling and sharing their likes, dislikes and what makes them unique! 
  • The children will be exploring their new environments indoors and outdoors and becoming familiar with expectations and routines. Please send your child with a suitable coat for when we are outdoors. 
  • Just a reminder nursery begins promptly at 8.30 or 12.30. Should you child arrive late they are missing learning opportunities at register time such as name writing and phonics.
  • Children's home learning link books will be checked everyday for your messages and signed should there be no correspondence required. This book is where we will write nursery information and send letters home so please ensure you also check this daily.
  • Can we kindly remind parents we are a school which promotes healthy eating. Children are not required to bring a drink to nursery as they have access to water or milk throughout the session. Should they wish to bring their own bottle this must be water only. Juice will not be given to children. 


The Characteristics Of Effective Learning


The Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) are embedded through our Early Years Unit.

As a school, we took the decision to link the COEL with the Building Learning Powers (BLP) strategy that school have adopted.

Our children choose to learn and play through the BLP superhero attributes:

Playing and Exploring – Green Lantern (Self belief), Rogue (Imitation)


Active Learning – Superman (Aim High), Avengers (Team work), Iron man (Revise Skills).


Creating and Thinking Critically – The Hulk (Perseverance), Cyclops (Manage distractions), Spiderman (Ability to become unstuck).