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Curriculum Statement


The Curriculum


Our curriculum promotes a love of learning. Pupils are inspired to be the best that they can be and are empowered to reach their full potential. Alongside achievement, our curriculum enriches the lives of pupils whilst providing skills for life beyond school.


Each year group follows a topic based approach to learning while still covering the National Curriculum skills. Pupils are encouraged to take ownership over their learning and to understand how they learn. Each topic ends with a celebration of their work where pupils have the opportunity to present and share their learning, for example through their homework projects at PACT sessions.


Our curriculum is enriched through visits and other firsthand experiences. We are lucky to have two mini buses that we can use to make outdoor learning a regular occurrence and we aim to make the most out of our local environment.


Progressing through the school, core skills are introduced and developed. Pupils learn how these skills are applicable in different contexts. As pupils progress through school, they are increasingly able to work in partnership with their teachers to add their own ideas to the planning process and pick which skills they need to apply.


Young people need a curriculum to ensure that aspirations are raised, have support to learn employability skills and help in fostering a ‘can do’ attitude. Our curriculum is unique to our school, ensuring that pupils achieve high; enjoy childhood and are prepared for life beyond school.