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W.C - 04.01.2021

W.C - 04.01.2021 - Mystery Suitcase

We have found a suitcase. Who do we think it belongs to? What do we think is inside? 



As it is the first week back after our Christmas break we will revisit our sound recognition and blending skills this week. 


Practise of letters and sounds daily will support your child in letter recognition needed for early reading. Below are flashcards you will find the Phase 2 letters on that can be used to practise with at home. These are in the order we teach them in reception beginning with the 's's sound. Continue to support your child in recognising the sounds they are unsure of until they are familiar with all the sounds in this phase. For any sounds your child is unsure of why not have a look at objects beginning with those sounds, play eye spy using the sound or listen out for that sound in stories, songs and rhymes. Reading Eggs will also support your child with this so don't forget to utilise this at home for a short period each day. When your child is able to recognise, say and hear all the phase 2 sounds in words, why not try blending some of the sounds together into words. For example s, a, t to blend the word sat. You can also practise beginning to write the sounds by tracing and copying.

Phonics_ How to pronounce pure sounds _ Oxford Owl.mp4

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Phonics_ How to blend sounds to read words _ Oxford Owl.mp4

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Let's revisit our maths knowledge this week and practise all those super maths meeting skills we have been learning. So far we have focused upon recognising numbers 1 to 10 and 10 to 20, sequencing numbers, 2D shape names and properties, recognising coins, totalling two groups and subotizing (counting an arrangement without having to one to one count). Let's recap.