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Autumn term 


Our topic during the Autumn term is 'Space'. 

We will be using technology to research and find out facts about space. We will be drawing picture maps of the solar system in Geography to identify and name the planets.

In History, we will be researching the life of Neil Armstrong and discover how he has contributed to international history. We will also be identifying other space expeditions and plotting them on a timeline. During Art and DT, children with be designing and making their own space rockets and using different textures to create their own moon paintings. 

We will use our ICT skills to draw a picture of a space shuttle and the solar system using colour magic and paint programs. 

As part of our music curriculum we will be learning a space song to support our knowledge about the planets. We will also be learning songs for our Christmas production. 

In RE we will hold focus days to celebrate Diwali and Christmas and look at how these festivals are celebrated.