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Summer Term


Our topic for summer term is 'Castles'. We will be using information from Tutbury castle to create a map of Tutbury castle using symbols and keys. We will use simple compass directions to describe different   locations and routes on the map.

In History we will be looking at the life of Elizabeth I and compare aspects of life in different periods.

We will be designing and making castles with a moving drawbridge mechanism. We will evaluate the structure and think of ways we can make it stronger and more stable.


Topic is linked with our English books of 'The Egg' and 'The Knight and the dragon' and will also form part of our Science topic of working scientifically to gather and record data from the strength of our bridges we build in DT to help us answer the question ‘which is the strongest bridge?’

Spring Term


Our topic for spring term is message in a bottle. We will be exploring the oceans and seas by looking at maps and an atlas. We will be looking at the countries Christopher Columbus discovered and the path he took on his journey.

Topic is linked with our English books of 'Billy's Bucket' and 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and will also form part of our Science topic of materials by looking at materials that are harmful to sea creatures.  

Autumn term 


Our topic is Our World, Your World. We will investigating our local area and identifying land features.  Children will also look at other parts of the world and where they are located. We will identify where Australia, Africa and the Savannah are and identify their key physical features. Furthermore, we will look at the climate of different countries and discuss the animals that are inhabited there. We will be comparing our local area at the present day compared to various dates in the past to discuss how and what has changed. In addition, we will look at jobs in past and how they have adapted with the times.

Diva Lamps


Year 1 worked very hard to make their diva lamps out of clay. When they had dried they painted them using bright colours. 

Firework painting

We used the style of the artist Jackson Pollock to create firework pictures.

Modrock penguins

To link in with our English work about 'and tango makes three' we made modrock plaster penguins. It was very messy but lots of fun!!!