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Flash Ley Community Primary School

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Autumn Term


During the Autumn term we will be exploring Uses of everyday Materials. 

Throughout the term, we will be investigating and sorting different materials and their properties and looking at materials that can be recycled. Children will have opportunity to investigate different uses for everyday materials and why their different properties are suitable for different purposes. 


Visit: The Science Musuem -


Go Online:



Materials (Amazing Science) by Sally Hewitt

Everyday Materials (Ways into Science) by Peter Riley


Do: Sort out your household recycling into different groups - group by material or property.


Research it: Use books and the internet to research the life and work of either John Dunlop or Charles Macintosh.

Spring term 


In this unit, children learn about how humans and other animals are born, grow and change, and what we need to survive and be healthy. Children classify different kinds of animal babies, learn about the basic needs that are shared by humans and animals, and research the differing needs of animals within our care. Focusing their own experiences, children explore the need for humans to eat a varied diet, to keep themselves clean, and to take regular exercise. Throughout the unit, the learning materials encourage children to make positive choices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Have a go at home at - 

Learning about nutrition and a healthy, balanced diet by helping your child cook a meal.

Go Online:

 A Balanced Diet -

A Healthy Lifestyle -



This term,  children have the opportunity to closely study plants and trees in the natural environment, taking measurements and making observational drawings. Children observe plants as they grow and record their observations and measurements. Children begin to learn about plants we eat, and understand that farming involves creating the right conditions for food crops to grow.


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