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​​​​​Ideas for some general Science activities you can do at home


  • Naming different materials, making preferences such as ‘I like’ or ‘ I don’t like’ how it feels and describing what the materials feel and look like e.g. rough, soft, smooth, shiny or dull.
  • Cooking activities and exploring changes that happen e.g. melting and changing shape.
  •  Water play activities, exploring floating and sinking.
  •  Labelling body parts e.g. head, arms, legs, feet, hands. Singing body part songs such as ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes. 3
  •  Planting seeds and watching them grow. Labelling the parts of a plant e.g. roots, stem, leaves, petal, flower. 
  • Looking after plants and thinking about what a plant needs to grow e.g. water and light. 
  • Mini beast hunt in the garden. What insets can you find? Where do they live?
  •  Look at day time and night time and talk about the things we see. Can you find the moon at night time? Can you find the sun in the day time?
  • Asking your child what the weather is today. Is it sunny, cloudy, and raining?
  • Explore the seasons, looking at how the environment changes with each season.

ASE have some great activities, check them out :-)