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Parental Partnership

Parent Partnership


Ways in which the Voyage Team encourage partnership with parents of children in First Steps, Caterpillars and Butterflies (0-4 years):


Learning Logs

All children 0-4 years will be given a 'Learning Log' when they start their Voyage journey. This needs to be brought in with the child every time they attend, so that Key Workers can write in them and maintain them. They may write comments about your child's day, a 'WOW' moment, or they may have a question for you. Each week, a 'homework' sheet will be stuck in to encourage taking part in particular activities at home. It is important that you work with us and reply to our comments or queries, or you may even have a 'WOW' moment that you want to share with us yourselves.



Daily Sheets

Within First Steps and Caterpillars particularly, you will be provided with a 'daily sheet' at the end of your child's session containing information about; food and drink intake, whether children have had a sleep, when they've had a nappy or clothes change and what activities have been put out to entice the children's learning and play.

Whilst the Butterflies room do not provide a 'daily sheet', if your child/ren has stayed for a hot school meal over lunch time, then you will receive information about what they have eaten and how much.



P.A.C.T Sessions

'Parents and Children Together'

Every half-term, we organise a P.A.C.T session, usually relating to a specific event such as Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas etc. We invite parents/carers or other relatives to come along and play with the children and take part in related activities. We try to encourage participation from parents/carers as much as we can, as it gives the perfect opportunity to talk with Key Workers, have a read of their children's profiles and get an insight to how the children spend their time when they come to Voyage.