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Gruffalos and Superworms

Welcome to Year Reception. On this page you will find information about our year group.


Your Class Teachers are Mrs Tew and Mrs Finlayson. Your Teaching Assistants are Mrs Gill and Mr Smith. Please don't hesitate to contact any of our members of staff. We have an open door policy so you are more than welcome to ask any questions or come and speak to us about your child's progress.  

In Reception, we offer a warm, caring environment where our children feel safe and happy. We have well qualified and experienced staff at Flash Ley who plan innovative and exciting activities centred around the children's interests and specific needs to move children's learning forward. We provide an environment where children develop resilience, independence, confidence and a thirst for knowledge. 



The Characteristics of Effective Learning are embedded through our Early Years Unit. As a school, we took the decision to link the COEL with the Building Learning Powers strategy that school have adopted. Our children choose to learn and play through the BLP superhero attributes.

Playing and Exploring– Green Lantern (Self belief), Rogue (Imitation), Captain America (Behaviour)

Active Learning– Superman (Aim High), Avengers (Team work), Iron man (Revise Skills).

Creating and Thinking Critically– The Hulk (Perseverance), Cyclops (Manage distractions), Spiderman (Ability to become unstuck).