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Flash Ley Community Primary School

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Growth Mindset

Throughout our learning at Flash Ley, we encourage our children to develop a growth mindset. Practising growth mindset theory with children is a great way to get them engaged with subjects and activities that they try to avoid through fear of getting things wrong or "not being good enough".


What is a Growth Mindset?


Has your child ever avoided doing something because they’ve failed at it in the past?

Feelings like this can be related to what children believe about what makes them ‘good’ at something – whether it’s school work, sport, or even their ability to manage their emotions and behaviour.

Some children will tend to give up on challenging tasks easily, or avoid tasks they’ve failed at before. They tend to believe that being ‘good’ at a particular activity is a fixed state, and is something they can’t control. In psychology, this way of thinking is called a ‘fixed mindset’.

Others might bounce back quickly from failure and be more likely to explore how they can get better at doing something. They tend to be children who believe that you can improve your abilities by practising, or by finding a different way to achieve your goal. This way of thinking is called a ‘growth mindset’, and developing it can help make children more resilient for life.

There are lots of small things you can do every day that can help your little one develop a growth mindset. The things we practise every day at Flash Ley include: persevering and not giving up when tasks are tricky, celebrating mistakes and recognising the value of them and having high expectations with inspirational role models!


To find out a little more about Growth Mindset and how you can support this at home, click on the link below:!)%20with%20a%20growth%20mindset%20think%20very,to%20persevere%20and%20overcome%20knockbacks.