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What's Happening In Nursery

Week 14 - This week we have explored the Christmas story, performed an amazing Nativity and written our own Christmas stories! Winter Wonderland was especially wow as the children met Santa, his reindeer and enjoyed yummy hot chocolate and cookies!

Week 13 - This week we explored Winter with the story Betty and the Yeti. We used describing words to draw our own missing yeti posters. The children enjoyed the prop box to act out the story and a winter sensory table.

Week 12 - For aspiration day we looked at different occupations and talked about our aspirations for the future. The children contributed to a whole school art piece involving materials and weaving. We also enjoyed some fabulous phonics with Parents & Carers!

Week 11 - This week we enjoyed the story 'What the ladybird heard'. The children drew fantastic wanted posters describing the characters of the thieves. We explored the number 7 this week and have seen some brilliant numerals formed by all the children!

Week 10 - Our story this week was Elmer. We looked at the colours, feelings and patterns from the story. The children enjoyed working together to create a huge Elmer collage, exploring feelings from the story and making milk bottle elephants. Our number this week was Seal Six!

Week 9 - This week we explored Handa's surprise as our story. We looked at the setting of the story which is Kenya and the fruits in the story. The children enjoyed exploring the sounds of the rain stick. We also recreated firework pictures from the bonfire events we visited!

Week 8 - We have had great fun this week exploring our story Meg's Veg! We have been spell writing, potion making and pumpkin picking! The children have been learning how pumpkins and other vegetables grow. We have also celebrated Diwali making our own Diya lamps!

Week 7 - We have enjoyed the story 'Rosie's Walk' this week. The children have explored the farm, drew a map of Rosie's walk and acted out the story using ribbon wands to add their own actions and sounds! Our number of the week has been number three!

Week 6 - We explored Autumn this week. We visited the local shops on an Autumn walk, painted with Autumn colours and explored the world around us as the season changes.

Week 5 - This week we are looking at one of our favourite stories, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The children have been understanding pattern with caterpillar printing, sequencing with the days of the week and counting with the number of fruits the caterpillar ate!

Week 4 - This week we have looked at our world! We explored France for European Languages Day, found out what lived in the ocean and painted our own planet Earth.

Week 3 - It was all about us this week as we drew and painted our own self portraits!

Week 2 - We have been monkeying around this week as we explore our class name. We are named after a Julia Donaldson book, Day Monkey, Night Monkey in which two monkeys are awake at very different times!

Week 1 - Settling into Nursery has been fun! We have made new friends, learnt a new routine and settled well into school life!