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What's Happening In Nursery

Week 34 - Thank you to all that came to sports day! The children really did us proud and showed some amazing sportsmanship! A big well done to the parent's who took part too!

Week 33 - What happens if I don't eat my fruit and vegetables? was our question this week. We have been observing peppers and apples and talking about what happens to them if they're not eaten. The children have been learning new skills with apple corers.

Week 32 - This week we explored mixing and making our own colours from two of the primary colours. We had fun predicting what colour we thought two would make and then mixing to see! The children also enjoyed wear a hat day, we tried different hats out and drew ourselves wearing them!

Week 31 - We have continued being scientists this week and finding out what happens if we mix different liquids! We have also explored the weight of objects!

Week 30 - Our new topic is 'What happens if' looking at investigating all kinds of questions. The children have been using magnets, scales and making potions. We watched a bath bomb react and predicted what we thought would happen then discussed how and why afterwards!

Week 29 - We had fun this week looking at hot air balloons and how they work to support or thinking and explanation skills. Lots of how and why questions being used! We then had some messy fun making our own paper mache air balloons!

Week 28 - We have been preparing all week for our Royal Wedding celebrations! The children have enjoyed writing invitations, working out how many guests to invite and designing wedding cards! We have also explored a wedding exploration table and celebrated Mr Double's birthday. All finished with a wonderful wedding party on Friday, eating traditional English crumpets, role playing a wedding and party games.

Week 27 - We have been exploring floating and sinking outdoors! The children have been fascinated by the falling blossom tree so we have brought the outdoors in with a perfume making station! We also looked at international families day and drew our own families.

Week 26 - We have enjoyed exploring initial sounds in words this week and listening for rhyming sounds. The weather is brightening up which has meant lots of fun in the sun too! For Maths we've been looking at measuring and recording numerals.

Week 25 - We've been discussing our favourite characters this week and finding fun ways to mark make them including onto balloons! We have been using our conversation station to call friends and tell them our favourite stories. Our enourmous turnips have grown and we have now opened our turnip shop!

Week 24 - We have enjoyed looking at our first Traditional Tales of the term, 'The Enormous Turnip & The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. In Maths we have been adding fairy tale characters too!

This half term we are focusing on Traditional Tales and looking at the morals behind some popular tales. 

Week 23 - As part of science week Nursery investigated colour and reactions. We mixed milk, food colouring and washing up liquid to investigate changes. On World Water day we watched what happened to paper when it was left in coloured water. We saw some great colour changing!

Week 22 - It's World Book Day and we have been looking at a very special character. Paddington Bear! We had fun using bear slime and painting our own Paddingtons!

Week 21 - Ahhhhhhhhhh me hearty's! School has become Treasure Island for the week and we have been taking part in Pirate activities including making pirate flags, maps and designing our own pirate costumes!

This half term we have a fabulous new topic of "The Ugly Bug Ball". School have an exciting book focus of Treasure Island too so we will exploring all about the oceans! 

Week 20 - It's been a jam packed week with us celebrating Valentines, Shrove Tuesday and making our very own sandwiches!

Week 19 - We have been having fun exploring animals

Week 18 - This week we explored a dry, hot place called the Desert. We discovered that not much survived in the Desert but that sand can be used for lots of fun learning!

Week 17 - We continued our journey around the world this week adding more areas to explore. We have looked at the Arctic and why it's such a cold environment. We explored Arctic conditions in our country as the weather turned cold outside!

Week 16 - It's been Jungle madness this week learning about what hides down in the Jungle!

Week 14 & 15 - It's been a great start to our new topic 'What's around the world?' This week we've looked at what is literally around us and our planet Earth by travelling into space! We have enjoyed designing aliens, counting planets and a space station role play!

Last half term the children really enjoyed learning all about music and sound! The children explored environment and instrument sounds and learnt how to be super listeners! We can't wait to use our new listening skills to learn about the world around us next half term! We hope you had a brilliant Christmas break and a happy new year to all children and their families!

Week 13 - We're feeling festive and have enjoyed Christmas activities, Christmas parties, a magician and a visit from someone extra special!

Week 12 - Nursery enjoyed a special surprise when they came into school this week! Everywhere had been transformed for Christmas by elves overnight! The children have been excited to begin Christmas activities!

Week 11 - This week we have worked on our confidence and celebrating our achievements! The children have looked through their learning journey and evaluated their work linking their learning to superhero's and building our learning power!

Week 10 - We have been observing changes in the weather! This week we wrapped up and explored Winter outdoors!

Week 9 - This week we have enjoyed learning about the number 3. The children are engaging well with Ten Town and have written the number 3 this week. We have also designed our own bandanas for Children in need and enjoyed a spotty day!

Week 8 - We enjoyed sharing stories about our Bonfire Night experiences and recreating pictures of Fireworks. We also learnt about some very special people and why we remember them on Remembrance Sunday

Week 7 - We're back with a new music and sounds topic! Plus some spooky sounds too for Halloween!

Our first half term in nursery has been fantastic! The children have settled brilliantly and enjoyed an all about me topic! We've looked at ourselves, where we live and our community! Thank you to all Parents and Carers for your continued support and of course the children for being absolute superstars! Onto the next one!

Week 6 - More P.E action

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Week 6 - Physical Fun. Can you move like an animal?

Week 5 - It's been all about team work this week with building tasks and team games

Week 4 - Nursery enjoyed learning about Portugal for European Languages Day and how to say "Hello, how are you?" in Portuguese. We explored colours with paint and decorating Portuguese flags.

Week 3 - The children have enjoyed various activities. They're doing a great job settling, following boundaries and making friends!

Week 2 - We loved dressing up for Roald Dahl day! Nursery enjoyed making George's Marvelous Medicine!

Week 1 - The children are enjoying settling in and exploring their new environment!