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Spring Term 

In the Spring Term we will be investigating The Great Fire of London.  We will be focusing on history, looking at where the fire started, why it started and what happened to London at this time. We will also be investigating its importance to having The Fire Brigade today!


If you would like to find out more about

The Great Fire of London and play games

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Autumn Term - Local Area - Stafford and Our School


This term the children will be learning and researching about Our Local Area of Stafford.


The children will be making models and using art techniques to produce pictures of places of interest in the Local Area, understanding where Stafford is on a map and how to identify places of interest from a 'birds eye view, creating fact files on the various buildings around Stafford that are of interest as Stafford's history and much more.



We visited Stafford Castle and imagined what it would have been like all those years ago. We discovered that before the castle was built as a Stone building, it was in fact a wooden castle until it was destroyed and burnt down during battle.The children discovered what life would have been like in the Norman times when the castle was built and the jobs people would have done to support the castle .