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In the Autumn term our Topic was World War 2. 


In the first half term we learned about:

  • How and why WW2 started
  • The main events of the war
  • Evacuation
  • Rationing
  • The Blitz and Air Raids


We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the fantastic homework projects  from the 1st half term that the children worked hard on (maybe with a little help).


In the second half term we learned about:

  • The battle of Britain
  • How the war effected countries outside of Europe (USA & Japan)
  • D-Day
  • How the war ended
Below is 3A doing some hot seating pretending to be people from WWII. The children came up with some fantastic questions and answers.  
Picture 1

During this terms topic, the children are introduced to the Romans. They will explore the ways in which the Romans entertained themselves and others in the empire by holding gladiator fights and chariot racing. Children learn about the Roman legacy – exploring those things that the Romans brought which affected our subsequent history and even our language.