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Speech & Language Centre

Flash Ley Speech and Language Centre is situated within the mainstream school and caters for children from 4 to 7 years of age. The Centre takes 10 children with specific speech and language disorders, identified by parents and professionals including: school SENCO’s, Speech and Language therapists and Educational Psychologists. Places are allocated by a Panel of professionals including Speech and Language Therapists, Specialist Teachers and Assessment officers. The children attend from as far afield as mid-Staffordshire; including Stafford, Cannock, Rugeley, Stourbridge and Perton, usually being transported by taxi with an escort. The aim is to return the child to their local mainstream setting as soon as assessments indicate their targets have been successfully met. Parents will receive support through this process.

Flash Ley Speech and Language Centre aims to offer a small supportive environment that will attend to the child’s speech and language needs as well as delivering the National Curriculum. We have an excellent record of ensuring that each child makes very good progress towards overcoming their speech and language challenges, while also meeting their full educational potential in other subjects.

The children are fully integrated into the life of the school. They take part in the schools daily assemblies, playtime and lunch sessions. In addition, the children join peer aged children in mainstream classes for PE and also integration into some subjects; however they are always fully supported by a member of the SLC team.

SLC Policy