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This term, the children will be learning about electricity and light. They will learn how light travels and explain how shadows are made. They will also be learning about what light sources are and how electricity is made. 

In the second half of the term they will learn about electricity through making and drawing simple circuits with different equipment.







This term in Science we are learning about forces. We will be continuing to develop our scientific knowledge by carrying out different experiments relating to forces. 

E.g. making parachutes and hover crafts.


We will be learning about the different types of forces that are all around us and investigating balanced and unbalanced forces. 

Our Science Investigation

On Monday 5th February, Year 5 carried out an investigation into air resistance. The children got into groups and made 3 parachutes out of 3 different sized pieces of paper. They then attached a paper clip to each one using wool attached to the paper.

The parachutes were dropped over the banister of the stairs and the time taken for each parachute was tested 3 times to allow for any anomalies. Results were recorded and then a conclusion was reached.

Take a look at our photos which show the children making and testing the parachutes.

Autumn 2 


This half term the children are expanding their knowledge of Animals Including Humans by looking at Evolution and Inheritance. 

In this topic they will be learning about what inheritance and evolution is and then moving onto looking at various scientists linked with the topic.





Autumn Term 1


This half term our Science topic is Animals Including Humans. The children will learning about the human life cycle, gestation of different animals and changes in older age. In this topic the children will be using their mathematical skills for scientific enquiry, such as interpreting line graphs.