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Year 1 are Scientists 

In class 1Y we believe in developing a "restless curiosity" in children to find out about the world, and this is fostered by our hands-on approach to learning!

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Summer Term

During the Summer Term, children will be researching ‘Living Things and their Habitat’.

Children will be continuing learning about various Animals from Great Britain and Around the World, their categories, features, eating habits, movement, habitats, food chains and comparing and contrasting animals from different geographical locations.

They will also be looking at animals and humans and how they are adapted to their environment and habitats.




Spring Term

Our focus is

Plants: Conditions (Fair Test), how plants grow, the name of their parts, different types of plants and environments.

Animals: Various Animals from Great Britain and Around the World, their categories, features, eating habits, movement and environments.


Autumn Term

Our first Science topic for Autumn term is 'Materials'. We are starting off by understanding what an every day material is by its name and then investigated how different materials are categorized by their properties.

We looked at different materials, identified them by name and touch and then sorted them into different categories.

Materials - Sorting and labelling

We are then moving onto thinking about what sorts of things affected materials, in particular how materials serve a purpose.

Splog, an alien from another planet, is writing to the children and asking for their help....on his planet things are very different to how it is here on Earth. He explains that on his planet all the houses are made out of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks.....and he can't understand why his house isn't as strong as ours. We are investigating with the materials....and soon will discover what the problem is!!! The children are then investigated materials on Earth we use to build a strong, waterproof house and informSplog of the outcome.

During the theme 'materials and their properties' we are carrying out experiments to see;

properties of materials, strength of different materials, water resistance, water absorbency

and melting points.


We are also looking at the world around us as it changes through the seasons.

We will think about what it means for the animals around us, what do animals make their homes from and how do they cope during the Winter?

We will also create fair tests to measure rainfall and sunlight.