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We are going to be looking at various different plants including flowers, trees (evergreen & deciduous)  and even plants you can eat (Fruit and Vegetables) and investigating what they need to grow and their basic structure.


We will also be planting bulbs and seeds and performing experiments on them.


We will be planting outside too as the children have told us that they would like to grow all different flowers, fruits and vegetables so we can make our garden look lovely and to eat the plants we are successful in keep watching this space!


As part of Science week we have been looking at different vegetables and the part of the plant that we eat. (Roots, stem, leaves, bud). We also learnt how to prepare different vegetables for making a soup.
Fair Test

We have been looking at how to carry out a fair test to find out what plants need to grow. We made sure all the containers were the same size, they had the same amount of cotton wool and water if requires and the same size bulb. The only thing we changed was the conditions.

We decided to do the following to the bulbs:

  1. No water
  2. No air (covered it in oil)
  3. No light (covered completely in blackout materials)
  4. No heat (put in the fridge)
  5. This bulb had everything.

We are waiting to see what happens.

Fair Test

Year 1/2 are Scientists 

In class 1/2Y  we believe in developing a "restless curiosity" in children to find out about the world, and this is fostered by our hands-on approach to learning!

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Our first Science topic for Autumn term is 'Materials'. We started off by understanding what an every day material is by its name and then investigated how different materials are categorized by their properties.

Materials & their properties

We then moved onto thinking about what sorts of things affected materials, in particular how materials serve a purpose.

Splog, an alien from another planet wrote to the children and asked for their help....on his planet things are very different to how it is here on Earth. He explained that on his planet all the houses were made out of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks.....and he couldn't understand why his house wasn't as strong as ours. We investigated with the materials....and soon discovered what the problem was!!! The children then investigated materials on Earth we use to build a strong, waterproof house and informed Splog of the outcome.