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The Think Tank

Year 5 and 6 had an incredible day at The Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham. We learnt about lots of things such as robots, fossils, the history of steam and Tim Peake's journey into space. The best part of our day was when we visited the Planetarium to learn all about the night sky.

Keele University

On the 22nd November, Year 5 visited Keele University. First, we went on a campus walk and took part in a quiz. Then we made an outfit for a superhero out of newspaper, wrapping paper, foil, bin liners and sellotape. After lunch, we took part in some amazing science investigations and learnt a lot about forces and space. We all enjoyed our exciting trip!

On Tuesday 22nd November, Year 5 will be visiting Keele University. In preparation for this, we were visited by some students and staff from Stafford University. They explained all about university life, and then we created the different parts of a university out of Lego.
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