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Maths 2017 - 18

This term we will be working on . . .
Place Value up to 10,000,000
Multi step problems using addition and subtraction
Multiplying and dividing 4 digit numbers by s digit numbers
Using fractions in the four operations (+ - X ÷)
You can help your child by practising their times tables daily.

September 22nd 2017


Today we had a visit from PC Wetton.

He is a collision investigation officer. He showed us how he calculates the speed a car was travelling by measuring the length of its skid marks.

After the measuring we returned to the classroom to complete the very complex formula.

A very hands on practical maths lesson!


Thank you PC Warren  smiley

Calculating Vehicle Speeds with PC Warren

Problem Solving Wednesday


We were placed in pairs with a partner we don't usually work with. We then looked at the problem and looked for different ways to solve it. There was lots of great discussion between partners and across the tables. We really enjoyed this lesson and look forwards to exploring other problems.