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As in English, we are revising our skills during Summer 1.  We will look back at everything we've learned since September to make sure we are ready to take our end of Key Stage 1 tests.


During Summer 2 we will again look back at our learning but will make sure that we can solve problems and explain our knowledge, ready for Key Stage 2.

Making 3D shapes from nets.

Spring 1


This term we will start by looking at money. 

The children will be taught the value of the different coins and notes and work out "shopping" situations, adding items and working out change.


It would be good if you could let your children help with the shopping, adding up and working out the change they need.


As before, I will be uploading new maths games to your child's Active Learn account.


There are also some lovely maths games on these websites:







Learning to multiply with money

Learning how to measure and compare length.

Autumn Term


During the Autumn term the children will be learning about

Number and Place Value.

Addition and Subtraction.

Measurement (length and mass).


Multiplication and Division. 


Mrs Webb will be sending home information about

how the children are being taught these subjects

as it can sometimes be very different from when we were taught!


There will also be games updated on the children's Active Learn accounts

each time they learn a new subject. 

These games are educational and linked to the subjects

making sure that your child has fun

whilst learning in a safe and secure environment.