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This term, the children will complete their learning about decimals and percentages. They will then move on to 2D and 3D shapes and the reflection or translation of shapes. They will also learn about angles, volume, capacity and units of measurement.




This term in maths we will be focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages. The children will be using their skills that they have learned in multiplication and division in the first 3 weeks of the term. 

We will be adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions together. 

Autumn Term

We are learning all about place value, addition and subtraction, statistics, multiplication and division and perimeter and area. Have a look at this website to support you in your learning:




Real-life Maths!

On Friday the 22nd September 2017, Year 5 had a very exciting maths lesson! We were visited by a policeman who taught us all about stopping distances in a vehicle. The children had to measure the length of the tyre marks caused by the police car, and then use a special formula to work out how fast the police car was travelling before it hit the brakes. The children also learned about staying safe on the road.



Maths Day!


Across the school on 11th October we celebrated Maths Day, in which the children completed numerous activities in classrooms and around the school. Year 5 focused on fractions, perimeter and area. Take a look at what we investigated...