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In Maths we are always developing different skills, techniques and problem solving strategies through various practical activities.


There are also some lovely maths games on these websites:

Autumn Term

In maths we are always investigating and problem solving.

Children will develop their under-standing of numbers 0-20, place value (counting forwards/backwards and 1 more/1 less) halving, doubling and explore the adding and subtracting of 1  digit numbers.

They will be using number bonds to 10 and challenging themselves for number bonds to 20 using skills taught and patterns they have noticed. We are also looking at Geometry: 2D & 3D shape, estimation and recalling and recording multiplication of the  5 and 2 times table in verbal and written forms.





We looked at doubling numbers to 10 and investigated which numbers can and cannot be halved into equal parts.

Doubling and Halving

We looked at numbers to 10 and investigated number bonds using the part, part, whole method on our ten frame.