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In Maths we are always developing different skills, techniques and problem solving strategies through various practical activities.


There are also some lovely maths games on these websites:

Spring Term

Children will develop their understanding of numbers 0-50, number bonds and place value (counting forwards/backwards/1 more/1 less), doubles and halves and explore the adding and subtracting of 1 digit numbers within 20 including recording multiplication of the 5 and 2 times table.

Also covered this term are:

Time– o'clock, half past, dates, days of the week and months of the year .

Fractions– Using Shapes and Numbers: Half & Quarter

Measures: Length/Mass

Please look at various songs for kids on youtube for some fun ways of learning theses tooics

Spring Term

In maths we are always investigating and problem solving.

Children will develop their under-standing of numbers 0-20, place value (counting forwards/backwards and 1 more/1 less) halving, doubling and explore the adding and subtracting of 1  digit numbers.

They will be using number bonds to 10 and challenging themselves for number bonds to 20 using skills taught and patterns they have noticed. We are also looking at Geometry: 2D & 3D shape, estimation and recalling and recording multiplication of the  5 and 2 times table in verbal and written forms.





On Maths Day we became explorers in Capacity. We investigated different containers for their capacity of full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty or half. We then created our explorer juice.....we had to measure with our cooperative partner exactly 100ml of water otherwise it wouldn't work. We were very careful! Next we chose which explorer we wanted to be and chose from the special explorer desert. After that we added some 'earth juice' and finally some fruit as all explorers need fruit to help their energy. Then we drank our explorer juice. CHEERS!!!!

We then started to explore.......

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. Did you known that we count 2D shapes by their sides and corners and we count 3D shapes by their edges, faces and vertices!

We explored 3D shapes further and even went on a shape hunt outside with our cooperative partner.

3D shape exploration and Hunt

We looked at doubling numbers to 10 and investigated which numbers can and cannot be halved into equal parts.

Doubling and Halving

We looked at numbers to 10 and investigated number bonds using the part, part, whole method on our ten frame.