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Autumn 2 2017


Homework Project

This term we are learning about the human circulatory system and the effects of what we eat and drink on the body.


Your homework project for this half term is to create a poster or slideshow which shows how the foods we eat affect the body. 

Your work could focus on:

- Advertising healthy foods to eat

- The dangers of too much unhealthy food

- What are unhealthy foods and why are they unhealthy?

-What is a balanced meal diet?

-How much sugar is in everyday foods we eat?

Autumn Term 1  2017


Autumn 1 Homework Project Y5/6

What do you know about Ancient Egypt?

Ideas for what you could do:

  • Find out about mummification. Create a Power point or a written project.
  • Compare Egypt today to Egypt in the past. Create a fact file.
  • Draw a map of the River Nile and record key facts.
  • Make a cartouche with hieroglyphics.
  • Make a collar necklace for a Pharaoh.
  • Any ideas of your own.