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Autumn 2 Homework Project Y5

The deadline for this homework project is the 11th December!


Find out about a famous scientist linked to ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.

Ideas for what you could do:

  • Find out about Charles Darwin or Alfred Russell Wallace. Create a PowerPoint or written project.
  • Draw a map of Darwin’s trip to the Galapagos Islands and around the world. Create a fact file of what he discovered. 
  • Find out about Mary Anning. Make a fossil and draw a diagram to show how fossils are formed OR Visit the Potteries Museum in Stoke to see some fossils and create a photo montage of your visit. 
  • Any ideas of your own.

Autumn Term 1


This term the children are learning about Ancient Egypt. The children have stuck details of the homework project in their planners. 



What do you know about Ancient Egypt?

Ideas for what you could do:

  • Find out about mummification. Create a Power point or a written project.
  • Compare Egypt today to Egypt in the past. Create a fact file.
  • Draw a map of the River Nile and record key facts.  
  • Make a cartouche with hieroglyphics.
  • Make a collar necklace for a Pharaoh.
  • Any ideas of your own.