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Fantastic Year 4

Mission: Choose one system of the human body OR one organ, and complete one of the first 3 tasks below.
Task 1 Make an information brochure or booklet of three to five pages.

Task 2 Make a model of one of the organs or systems of the human body. Make sure the main parts are labelled and that you can explain your model.

Task 3 A PowerPoint presentation that clearly explains your chosen system or organ.

For the task that you choose, you must explain:
· Where the organ/system is found in the body –

Include labelled diagrams/illustrations/sketches.
· What the organ/system does.
· How the organ/system works.
· What you should do to keep this organ/system healthy.
· A disease or illness of this organ/system.

The deadline for this is Tuesday 4th April
The children will present their research projects on Thursday 6
th April.
Picture 1
Picture 2