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Summer Term


During the Summer Term, children will be looking at Toys from around the World and comparing toys from in the past to what they play with now. We will have a book focus of Toy Story and the children will be given the opportunity to create their own toy adventure story.

The children will be creating a non-fiction fact file about their toy and describing the features.


We will also continue to improve our sentence structure to include the following punctuation:

Capital letters, Simple and compound sentence (and, but, because), Expanded noun phrases (adjectives), Statements, Questions, Exclamations, Commands, Past tense, Nouns and verbs, Commas in a list and Apostrophes for possession and omission.


This term we are looking at adventure stories to 

compliment our explorers topic.


We will be following some of the adventures of Frederick Von Wigglebottom

as he discovers Australia and Norway.


We will also read a range of other adventure stories including Tin Tin 

to encourage the children to write their own.


As always we will be concentrating on writing skills

improving our spelling, grammar and punctuation.