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A Christmas Carol

Open the link below to open a free copy of the original version of A Christmas Carol,  by Charles Dickens.

Roald Dahl Day September 2017

For Roald Dahl day this year we all came to school dressed as characters from one of his books. We then focused on his scrumptious story 'The Twits'.

We re-wrote the opening chapters in our own words and used our IT skills to create a new front cover. 

We all had a fab time working as authors!

Open the link below for free Shakespeare!!smiley
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Chocolate Cake

Michael Rosen performs a series of poems titled 'Poems And Stories About My Family'. The poems are all taken from Michael Rosen's books and this series of performances was produced by Joe Rosen. This poem comes from 'Quick Let's Get Out of Here' (Puffin Books).