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In the Autumn term we explored Calligram Poems and Fear Stories. The first 2 weeks were spent reading, analysing, comparing, creating and performing Calligram poems. The following 5 weeks were spent doing similar with Fear Stories.

Take a look at this example of a Calligram

The pictures below show 3A practising our Autumn poem and performing it to the rest of the class.

Take a look at some of 3C's Calligrams

In the Spring term we covered lots of exciting areas of English. We explored Non-chronological reports which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We also had a visit from the famous storyteller Billy Babu and created our own tales based on his. We also explored persuasive writing and Haikus.


As part of English this term our fiction genre will be suspense stories. We will also be covering personification in poetry. Our non-fiction genre will be explanation texts. Throughout these topics we will cover the Year 3 spelling and grammar objectives.