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In English we cover a range of genres, from story writing to poetry. Part of English includes drama and this can be taught through our English units or in other subject areas. Below are some examples of work completed by our children. 


Throughout Spring 2017 ...


We will be creating our very own explanation texts to show the world how the water cycle works. We will use other examples of explanation texts to select how we want to present our writing! 


Fantastic fours will also be creating a journey story - but you have to wait for that! 

We will become journalist soon enough and discover how to write a newspaper report, worthy of being published. 


Not forgetting - We will become expert in the field of Kenning: Poetry. 



A News Reporter Visited Us Today!


Fantastic Fours had a special visitor today to help with our new topic 'Newspaper Reports'. Journalists from The Staffordshire News Letter came to visit us to explain how they report the news. The children asked some fantastic questions and had a go and interviewing with the help and support of real journalists!  

Future Journalists


Cinquain Poetry

We are investigating the structure of a cinquain poem, we are going to create our own and think about the syllables involved. The lines follow a 2,4,6,8,2 syllable pattern. 

Did you know it is a 5 line poem that describes a place, person or a thing?


Cinquain poems have five lines and follow this structure:


Line 1: Noun or subject of poem (one word)

Line 2: Two adjectives that describe line 1

Line 3: Three verbs that describe line 1

Line 4: A short phrase about line 1

Line 5: A synonym of line 1 (one word)

We have been re-telling our personal recounts!

Presenting our explanation texts1