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In the computer suite we have been getting to grips with logging on to the computer, opening a word document, producing some text and saving the work. It's a little bit tricky but were trying hard.

ICT suite Saving a word document

Spring Term



Now back at Flash Ley we have the opportunity to use the fantastic computer suite and we will become familiar with using a computer, logging on with our on personal log on password and username.


This term we will also be looking at algorithms (a sequence of instructions to a computer).

We will be programming Bee-Bot's and there are some online games your children can practise on. This is just one example:

It would be really useful if you could teach and practise left and right with

your children as we will be using this skill over the next few weeks.




Image result for bee bot




Our priority this year is to learn how to be safe with technology.

We will discuss how we shouldn't give out our personal information.

Children will be taught to tell an adult if they feel uncomfortable with

anything they see on the internet or if anyone contacts them.


There is a link for adults on the main Flash Ley website page

for CEOP if you should have any concerns.

Algorithyms with Bee Bot

Bee Bott Programming

E - Safety


During Autumn 1 the children will be learning about the dangers of being online. We understand that technology is a huge part of the children's lives, however if they are to be using it in school and at home we need to ensure their safety.


The children will be creating E-safety posters and have a better understanding into safety issues when online. They will be looking at:


How to use technology safely

Online chat room danger/Games online (Social Media)

Using search engines safely

Identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact.

Cyber Bullying

Check out this link:  Hectors world -

We would strongly recommend that you change your settings online to ensure that no inappropriate content can be accessed by your child.


Logging On


During Autumn 2 the children will be learning about how to understand digital literacy. They will be looking at:

How to use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content

 Switching a computer on/off & Logging on/off

Saving work

Printing, Copy and pasting images/saving images & resizing images.