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In the Spring Term the children will be looking at programming computers and other technology in order to make games, debug programs and make animated characters move around the screen. 

This is a very exciting topic that the children will thoroughly enjoy!

We will start by programming technology such as bee bots and follow this by creating our own programs using SCRATCH.


If you could practice Left and Right with the children at home this will help them immensely when it comes to programming the bee bots and other technology. 


Programming 1
Programming 2
Programming 3

E - Safety


During this half term the children will be learning about the dangers of being online. We understand that technology is a huge part of the children's lives, however if they are to be using it in school and at home we need to ensure their safety.


The children will be creating E-safety posters and presentations over the next few weeks. They will be looking at:


* Cyber Bullying

* Online chat room danger (Social Media)

* Using search engines safely


We would strongly recommend that you change your settings online to ensure that no inappropriate content can be accessed by your child.