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Summer Term


During the Summer Term, children will be using technology purposefully to create, organise, store and retrieve digital content.

They will be researching information independently, then copying and pasting relevant information linking with our topic of Toys and our Science work of Animals and their Habitats.

Spring Term


During this term the children will be looking at digital programming. This will be done using Bee Bots and a digit programming package on the computer. 


We will also continue to discuss the importance of staying safe with technology.

Autumn Term


During this term the children will be learning how to stay safe with technology. 


We will look at the digital 5 a day and discuss how technology can be useful in daily life if used effectively by remembering the 5 key factors - 

1. Connect

2. Be Active

3. Get creative

4. Give to others

5. Be mindful


Ask your child over the next few weeks to share with you the digital 5 a day.